Read the most frequently asked questions about COVID Cheq

Last weekend, the university launched “COVID Cheq,” a new online daily symptom screening tool for the Marquette community.

Below is a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID Cheq:

Who is required to complete COVID Cheq each day?
All faculty, staff and students who are routinely on campus will be required to answer a short series of screening questions prior to coming to campus each morning.

What if I am not on campus every day, only some days each week?
The expectation is that everyone who is routinely on campus this semester (once a week or more) must complete it each day, seven days a week; only those who are working remote or students living remote would be exempt.

On the days you are not on campus, you can indicate so directly in the COVID Cheq screening questions. If your plans change, a link will be provided so you can retake the survey.

Can I opt out of the daily email/text reminders?
At this point, a self-opt-out is only available for faculty and staff who are only on campus once a week or less. To request an opt-out, complete this form.

IMPORTANT: Opting out does not make you exempt from completing a health screening before coming to campus, it simply stops the daily reminders from being sent to you and allows you to only fill out the screening on days you plan to come to campus. If you plan to be on campus one day, you must complete the COVID Cheq Single Day Pass. This pass will allow you to take the screening to obtain a clearance to visit campus. Faculty and staff: Please note that your supervisor will be able to see you’ve opted out and can check if you’ve completed a Single Day Pass.

The COVID Cheq team is currently working to offer an opt-out option for students who are entirely remote this semester and do not plan to visit campus at all (either due to their geographical location or for other reasons). Students who meet this criteria will have to manually request to opt out. Watch Marquette Today and visit the COVID Cheq page for more information on this.

I accidentally clicked the wrong thing when answering the screening questions, what do I do now?
Please email

I didn’t get the link today to fill out the screening, what do I do?
Please email

Who do I contact if I have a question about COVID Cheq?
If you have questions about using COVID Cheq, please email
With questions about COVID-19 or if are seeking medical advice, you must call your primary care provider or the Marquette Medical Clinic at (414) 288-7184.

Visit the COVID Cheq page for more information and more FAQs.