REMINDER: Do not publicly share virtual meeting/class invites; be aware of cyber security threats

Information Technology Services urges the Marquette community to be aware of rising cybersecurity threats during COVID-19 and take precautions to prevent these incidents.

Due to more people now working and learning from home during this time, videoconferencing applications have been experiencing an uptick in cyber threats, such as “video conference bombing,” or when a person joins an online conferencing session, takes control and causes disruption.

All students, faculty and staff should be using Microsoft Teams, which is supported by the university and the preferred videoconferencing tool.

Video conference bombing can occur within any videoconferencing application, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and others. The risk is higher when meeting invitations are posted publicly. To reduce risk, please refrain from sharing virtual meeting links on public websites.

Visit Marquette’s Remote Work website to learn more. There are also helpful security tips on the Remote Work site regarding how to protect yourself and Marquette while working from home.

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