Recognize COVID-19 scams and improve cyber security for remote learning and working

As the Marquette community shifts to working and learning remotely, Information Technology Services (ITS) warns all students, faculty and staff to be aware of cyber criminals, who are exploiting the fear and anxiety surrounding coronavirus.

These malicious actors most commonly trick their victims into taking a specific action, such as clicking on a link, downloading a file or providing sensitive information.

You can avoid these scams by learning to recognize them. Follow these tips to increase your security awareness and help defend yourself and Marquette from malicious attackers.

Faculty and staff: IT Services has partnered with the SANS Institute to provide cyber security awareness training with the focus on getting learners to both “know” and “do” the right thing at the right time with accuracy and consistency.  Topics include recognizing social engineering, browsing safely, enhancing mobile security and creating strong passwords. Learn more about the online training. For more resources about working off campus, visit the Remote Work website.

Students: For more resources about learning from off campus, visit the Remote Learning website.