Progress update on the Participating Faculty Task Force

The following email was sent to all faculty earlier this week.

Dear faculty,

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are all teaching and working remotely, the Participating Faculty Task Force Implementation Team continues to meet virtually to implement recommendations to improve the experience of non-tenure track faculty on campus.

Here is an update on recent progress of the Participating Faculty Task Force:

  • A process for regularly awarding multi-year contracts in accordance with the provost’s existing policy has been established and already more than 50 full-time non-tenure-track faculty have or will receive three-year contracts. Additional multi-year contracts will be awarded as full-time non-tenure-track faculty become eligible.
  • A $400 course cancellation compensation payment for part-time participating faculty members has been created and will be issued in cases when a course gets cancelled prior to the start of the semester, after a contract had already been signed.
  • Professional development funds in excess of $10,000 have been awarded with the expectation of continual funding in the years ahead.
  • A full-time participating faculty salary study is underway.
  • The NTT Faculty Forum scheduled for early April was canceled due to COVID-19 event restrictions, however the social hour scheduled for May 6 will take place virtually.

To continue building on the progress made on the recommendations above, the Task Force identified four additional recommendations from their report completed last fall to pursue next. The next four report recommendations the team will address include:

  • Providing formal evaluations for all participating faculty on a regular basis.
  • Creating a clear, standardized, and limited set of titles for participating faculty that

correspond with a clear standardized pathway to promotion.

  • Ensuring promotion standards exist in all colleges and schools.
  • Establishing mechanisms to formally recognize participating faculty for excellence.

Please feel free to share your feedback for the Participating Faculty Task Force directly with us as co-chairs or share your feedback anonymously via this form.


Dr. Gary Meyer
Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Pat Loftis
Clinical Associate Professor
Physician Assistant Studies