Rachel Gintner Orlando

  • Abiola Keller research - Black women who are caregivers talking and sharing in a circle

    Encouraging caregivers to care for their own health, one story at a time

    As Black women who are caregivers struggle to find the time and willpower to exercise and improve their diets, Dr. Abiola Keller’s community-based research in the College of Nursing uses shared storytelling as a promising way to find healthier paths.

  • GRANGE MOVEMENT, 1873. Grange members

    Did farmers linking up and sharing trade secrets drive a productivity boom?

    American farming history contains a riddle. “The U.S. population has increased, the farming population has declined dramatically, and yet farms are more productive than ever,” says assistant economics professor Dr. Ethan Schmick. Schmick’s economics research project on the Grange uncovers little-known farmer collaboration in the late 1800s – an organization which helped farmers turn the…

  • Karen Lincoln Michel

    Pause to reflect: Karen Lincoln Michel

    In this time when so many news organizations are shrinking or shuttering, the one led by Karen Lincoln Michel is bucking the trend.

  • Colin Dowdle and Standing Desk Project

    Stand-up guy

    Colin Dowdle had an idea for a product he was sure could be a hit. Hard work — and some incredible valuable alumni advisers — made his unique standing desk, Lillipad, happen.

  • Interior of O'Brien Hall

    High performer

    It’s a new era for the College of Business Administration. The Dr. E. J. and Margaret O’Brien Hall is here as the inviting, state-of-the-art home for Marquette Business and innovation leadership programs — and more transformative projects are on the way.

  • Jasmine Zapata Superhero of Medicine

    Always on call

    Knowing her purpose since kindergarten has helped physician and epidemiologist Jasmine Zapata pursue her passion to make people’s lives healthier and more equitable. You could say it’s her superpower.

  • Nurse students study abroad

    Experiencing nursing around the world

    Marquette makes study abroad options attainable for nursing students, giving them perspectives to draw on throughout their careers.

  • Gwendolyn Lazenby

    The new and growing ed studies major

    The Educational Studies program offers Marquette students a nontraditional pathway – one related to education, but beyond the classroom. Graduates of the program become guidance counselors, psychologists, nonprofit administrators — and take the plunge into graduate school.

  • Dinesh Sabu How Not to Build in Haiti Documentary

    Gone awry: film promotes discussion on how — and how not — to conduct international aid

    Crafted from 300 hours of footage shot in Haiti, the latest documentary co-produced by Dr. Dinesh Sabu has discoveries and lessons to share with scholars, students and those conducting international aid work in the developing world.