Graduate & Professional Studies

Stipend for graduate students to be increased starting fall 2024 

The minimum academic year stipend level for all graduate, teaching and research assistants funded through the Graduate School has been raised to $20,000 (plus any graduate student fees) starting in fall 2024, as approved by Provost Kimo Ah Yun. 

Marquette will additionally provide regular annual increases to the stipend pool. 

Assistantships funded through sources outside the Graduate School (i.e., operational dollars, endowment dollars, research grants, etc.) and all centrally funded university fellowships will also have a minimum stipend of $20,000 per year, which will be in place no later than fall 2026. 

For all research assistantships funded through grants, stipend levels as budgeted in the grant are allowable until the currently funded grant is completed. If possible, it is recommended that principal investigators work with their campus administrators and grant sponsors to raise the minimum stipend as soon as possible. 

Principal investigators should start budgeting the new minimum rate into new grant applications and funding proposals, including the cost of the student fees and supplemental stipend, effective immediately.  

The provost also approved the following: 

  • Departments that wish to pay more than the minimum stipend for reasons of competitiveness can reorganize their allotment from the Graduate School to make this possible, or they can use departmental funds to supplement the award. 
  • Marquette will: 
    • Provide accessible, structured education and guidance for students seeking health insurance on the exchange 
    • Maintain the current supplemental stipend at $750 per year 
    • Make clear in TA/GA/RA appointment letters that support in finding health insurance through the exchange will be provided 
  • Students interested in financial aid from the Marquette University Graduate School are strongly encouraged to submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

These actions are based on recommendations from the Workgroup to Address Student Stipends; they were approved by the University Board of Graduate Students and subsequently endorsed by University Academic Senate.