Renovations underway on two School of Dentistry clinics

August completion expected for Advanced Care, Pediatrics remodeling

A crew works in the Advanced Care clinic at Marquette School of Dentistry, June 5, 2024.

Construction is more than halfway completed on two of Marquette University School of Dentistry’s clinical spaces that will update equipment and enhance accessibility for patients.

Work began in May to overhaul the Pediatrics and Advanced Care clinics, with the scope of both projects being done within their existing spaces.

The roughly 2,900-square-foot Advanced Care clinic, which serves emergency and special needs patients, will see the greatest change. A wing for special needs care will include two new dental chairs and two private quiet operating rooms. On the other side of the clinic, a radiology room is being built along with a lab and four new dental chairs, including one specifically for endodontic care.

In the more than 1,700-square-foot Pediatrics clinic, new equipment is being installed, which includes nine new dental chairs and two private operating rooms. Walls are being added between chairs for improved privacy, and interior finishes will be made to the clinic and waiting area.

Both clinics, which operate year-round, are taking patients in other clinical spaces in the dental school during construction. The clinics are expected to be completed in August.

  • A crew works in the Pediatrics clinic at Marquette School of Dentistry, June 5, 2024.