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Psychology student honored with Excellence in Language Study Award by the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers

Nick Randall, a rising senior in the Department of Psychology, was a recipient of the Excellence in Language Study Award from the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers. The award celebrates students who have exhibited remarkable dedication, achievement and promise in their language studies.

Randall was presented with his certificate by Dr. Michael Koch, instructor of German in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, while friends from Germany looked on through Teams.

The WAFLT Excellence in Language Study Award recognizes students currently enrolled in a world language course at their respective schools, spanning elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary levels.  Candidates are evaluated based on their demonstrated enthusiasm for language learning, both inside and outside the classroom, as well as their aspirations to continue utilizing their language skills in the future. The winners epitomize excellence through their outstanding performance and unwavering commitment to language education.

“We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on these exceptional students for their remarkable achievements in language study,” remarked Andrea Behn, president-elect and awards chair of WAFLT.  “Their passion and dedication exemplify the essence of language learning, and we take great pride in honoring them with this prestigious award.”

The Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers serves as a leading professional organization for language educators across Wisconsin. WAFLT is dedicated to fostering the study and teaching of world languages and cultures, offering invaluable resources and professional development opportunities to language educators, and advocating for language education at all educational levels.

For further information about WAFLT and the Excellence in Language Study Award, please visit WAFLT’s website.