A message from Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp, vice president of research and innovation

Dear colleagues and friends,

For the third and final time this spring, I’m writing to highlight remarkable research at Marquette. This time, the stories reflect a particularly broad range of faculty endeavors — from the frontiers of quantum chemistry to the thorny issues posed by PFAS and related “forever chemicals” and urgent human challenges such as reducing deadly health disparities and preventing osteoporosis. Please read on for details about these projects and the broader research culture at Marquette. You’ll see ample evidence of a community of researchers and scholars that achieves excellence and supports collaboration, as seen in the $7.6 million collaboration between Marquette and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center that yielded the highly interdisciplinary effort tackling PFAS.

It has been my pleasure to share the work of our accomplished research community. Thank you for your interest in research and scholarship at Marquette.


Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp
Vice President for Research and Innovation
Marquette University