Finding myself in God’s poetry

Finding myself in God’s poetry
Is dancing with mystery.
It is also encountering
The unexpected offering
Of a lone petal
That speaks of a covenant
During a walk
on a fine autumn day.

I find myself in God’s poetry
Encrypted all over nature,
A verse lovingly written in ripples
on the surface of a lake.

God’s poetry 
Is all over my heart.
Its fire wounds sweetly,
But doesn’t char.

God’s eyes are engraved 
In my soul
With a lyrical yearning
Of seagulls along a shore,
Of sand gently kissed
By sea waves.

God, you are Poetry
Of an incandescent kind,
A Poetry that enamors and enchants.
In your divine poem,
I recognize my original face,
That of a beloved child,
Abba, Daddy.
I recognize that I am 
A humble and beautiful verse 
In your magnificent creation.