Submit ideas and questions anonymously for Securing Our Future; new fact sheets available 

As part of the Securing Our Future Teams launch, a portal was created for faculty, staff and students to submit questions and share ideas for consideration. Submissions can be made anonymously. The Marquette 2031: Securing Our Future Steering Committee will only see names if submitters choose to share them. Those who choose to provide their contact information could be contacted in the coming weeks by the Steering Committee if additional information is needed. 

Ideas submitted through the portal will be shared with Steering Committee members throughout the process. The committee is looking for permanent solutions that reduce actual costs or increase revenue. Campus is encouraged to think beyond individual roles and consider impacts at a unit or institutional level. Ideas with the highest potential may be ideas that cross colleges or units. Questions to get started:   

  • What adjustments could create substantial efficiencies?    
  • What has the potential to reduce costs significantly?    
  • Is there a way to increase/maximize a current revenue-generating stream?    
  • Is there a big, creative idea you’ve always had that may be limited by inherent or perceived limitations?   
  • Are there things we’re doing today that have less value to students than they did in the past?   
  • Which things should we stop doing to free up resources and expertise for priority efforts? 

Questions submitted through the portal will be used to inform future updates of the Securing Our Future FAQ, available on the Teams site. Before submitting, please first check the latest FAQ to see if your question has been answered. 

New fact sheets on popular topics 

Resulting from feedback trends in the past few weeks, new topic-based fact sheets are available on the Teams site to address the most frequently asked queries in a visual, at-a-glance format. Available fact sheets include: 

  • 3 Percent Operating Margin fact sheet – April 2024 
  • About Securing Our Future fact sheet – April 2024 
  • Major Capital Projects Funding fact sheet – April 2024 
  • Student Wellness and Wellness + Helfaer Rec fact sheet – April 2024 

Stakeholder meetings underway 

Steering Committee Co-Chairs, Dr. Jill Guttormson, dean of the College of Nursing, and Ralph Weber, vice president and general counsel, have begun meeting with more campus stakeholder groups with 30 meetings scheduled so far in April and May. A current roster of completed and scheduled meetings is available on the Teams site in the Updates channel. If more meetings are scheduled, a new list will be posted. 

Guttormson and Weber presented the initiative at today’s LEAD meeting, and Steering Committee members moderated table discussions to spur idea generation in the portal. Because LEAD meetings convene all supervisors across campus and those who manage key centers, programs, and initiatives, participants were encouraged to follow a similar process and conduct similar conversations with their teams to generate ideas in the portal