Latest inductees into prestigious Alpha Sigma Nu add to 100-plus year history 

62 new members inducted into Marquette-based Jesuit honor society

Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society of Jesuit institutions of higher education, can trace its roots directly to the Marquette University campus. 

In 1915, Rev. John Danihy, S.J., dean of Journalism at Marquette, held the inaugural induction of 11 members, founding the society. Today, there are 32 chapters worldwide and over 90,000 lifetime members. 

Marquette added to that membership total on Sunday, March 24, when 57 Marquette students and five honorary members were inducted into the society during a ceremony at the Alumni Memorial Union. 

2024 Alpha Sigma Nu induction ceremony

Junior and new inductee Samantha Naber sees membership as an outlet to engage with Marquette’s Jesuit ideals and to connect with others equally as committed. The psychology major hopes Alpha Sigma Nu will provide her with rich spiritual wisdom, guidance and discernment.  

“Alpha Sigma Nu will be a continuous reminder of my responsibility to pursue intellectual development, deepen Ignatian spirituality and serve others,” Naber says. “Distinguishing ourselves with these core principles will pave the way for our future and professions.”  

Dr. Joseph Kearney, Clara Dwyer and Rev. Joseph Simmons, S.J.

While Alpha Sigma Nu has expanded across the globe — with chapters in North and South America, Europe and Asia — Marquette continues to serve as the society’s headquarters. Clara Dwyer serves as the executive director of Alpha Sigma Nu and believes in the importance of upholding the society’s century-old legacy.  

“Alpha Sigma Nu, in partnership with the members of the Marquette community, continues to foster tradition by partnering with all of the other Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States right here from Milwaukee,” Dwyer says.  

Candidates must rank in the top 15% of their class to be eligible to join Alpha Sigma Nu. Graduate students must have completed one-half of the requirements for their degree at the time of nomination. All must meet qualifications of service and loyalty to the Jesuit ideals of higher education.  

Rev. Joseph Simmons, S.J., faculty adviser for the Marquette chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu, explains that when selecting members for Marquette’s chapter, the prospective member’s loyalty and love for Marquette are an important consideration.  

“Service, in the Alpha Sigma Nu sense, means not only membership in organizations or even holding positions of leadership but actual sacrifice of time and energy as students dedicated to the good of others,” Father Simmons says. “Use your many gifts and talents to be of service to God, our communities of faith and our world.”