Easter: A celebration of eternal life, purposeful living 

The Catholic community celebrated Christ’s resurrection and his sacrifice on March 31, but did you know the Easter season lasts for 50 days after Easter Sunday? That makes it the second longest season in the liturgical calendar, only behind regular time.  

It’s important to recognize the totality of the Easter season and the lessons to be learned from it. To help with that guidance, Rev. Jose Miguel Jaramillo, S.J., wrote a reflection on how the resurrection changes how to think about death.   

It is not about denying death, an inevitability set in motion from birth. It is rather about disallowing death from any final say by recognizing that life is God’s final word. As Christians, we acknowledge that the end of the road is no death but eternal life.  

The Spirit of the Risen Christ allows us to see life with renovated lenses (Acts 17:22–31). The promise of resurrection transforms the concept of death. 

It’s not merely about evading the grip of death; it’s about redefining what it means to truly live. This new definition of life entails more than mere existence; it calls for a life rich with meaning, purpose and direction.  

However, understanding this transformative vision of life isn’t instantaneous. Recognizing its depth requires reflection and contemplation.  

The Church facilitates this through the Octave of Easter and the 50 days leading up to Pentecost, a period inviting believers to delve into the profound implications of the resurrection in our daily lives.  

Authentic living transcends the boundaries of physical health and emotional well-being. It’s about embracing life as a gift and a mission. Each moment is a new opportunity to discover meaning, forge purpose and navigate a path beyond survival.  

It’s a call to action, to live out the good news of Jesus Christ, and to be active participants in God’s ongoing mission of reconciliation and salvation, challenging our perceptual limits.  

The resurrection of Jesus Christ stands at the heart of this celebration, marking the difference and empowering us to Be The Difference.  

In the Spirit of the Risen, we are called to excellence, to deepen our faith, and to serve as God’s companions in transforming the world. Easter, therefore, is more than a remembrance; it’s a renewed commitment to live a life that echoes the transformative power of the resurrection.