Wellness Weekly: Surviving allergy season with Tria Health 

Surviving allergy season: tips and tricks for finding relief – from Tria Health

Tria Health, a free and confidential benefit available through your health plan, can help ensure allergies don’t get the best of you this year. Tria’s help desk is your quick and easy resource for medication questions. Pharmacists are available on-call to help ensure you are on the right medications and assist in implementing life adjustments to manage your allergies effectively. 

As spring arrives and flowers blossom, many look forward to the season’s warmth and beauty. Yet, for millions, spring marks the start of allergy season, bringing sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion. There are ways to manage allergies effectively and enjoy the season comfortably. 

Tips for surviving allergy season: 

  • Monitor pollen counts: Keep an eye on pollen forecasts and plan outdoor activities accordingly. There are many apps and websites that provide up-to-date pollen information for your area. 
  • Keep windows closed: As tempting as it may be to let the fresh air in, keeping windows closed can prevent pollen from infiltrating your home. 
  • Clean regularly: Regular cleaning, including vacuuming carpets, washing bedding in hot water, and dusting surfaces, can help reduce allergens in your home. 
  • Stay indoors during peak times: Pollen counts are typically highest in the morning and on windy days. Try to stay indoors during these peak times, especially if you’re particularly sensitive to allergens. 
  • Invest in air purifiers: Consider investing in an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove allergens from the air indoors. 

By taking proactive steps to minimize exposure to allergens and seeking professional guidance when needed, you can navigate allergy season with ease. 

Questions on allergy medications? Call Tria Health’s help desk at (1-888) 799-8742 to receive personalized care. The help desk is your quick and easy resource for medication questions.