Weekly PARC clean-ups resume in 2024

Marquette students take part in beautification efforts in the Near West Side

In a collaborative effort, Marquette students, under the Promoting Assets, Reducing Crime (PARC) initiative, conduct weekly clean-ups in the Near West Side. Teaming up with the Near West Side Partners safety ambassadors, their commitment extends across semesters, making a significant impact on community cleanliness and safety.

“I am excited about the aspects of meeting more professionals from Near West Side Partners,” says Bella DeRosa, who is a sophomore and a member of the PARC student team at Marquette’s Center for Peacemaking. “Coming off of COVID, it is great to work in person with members of our community.”

In February, these students resumed their efforts to beautify the Near West Side. They will continue their endeavors to clean up the 27th Street Corridor while expanding their focus to address additional problem areas identified within the seven neighborhoods. 

Why are community cleanups important? Living in a clean environment is crucial for many reasons because it… 

  1. Builds community. Playing a role in cleaning up one’s community fosters connections with others and develops a sense of belonging. 
  1. Reduces stress. Trash and clutter can add unnecessary stress to our lives. By cleaning up our community, we can create a better atmosphere for everyone. 
  1. Creates a safer community. A clean environment is less likely to exhibit hazards such as broken glass or sharp objects, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Participation is welcomed from student organizations interested in joining a weekly neighborhood cleanup. Reach out to Sherri Walker and Marissa Provenzale for more information. 

“The clean-ups contribute to student engagement in the community by allowing students to have hands-on experiences outside of the ‘Marquette bubble,’” says DeRosa.