Ramadan begins the evening of March 10  

Campus Ministry to host Iftar dinner later in month

Ramadan Mubarak! 

Ramadan, the most sacred time of the year for Muslims, begins Sunday night, March 11, and ends on Thursday, April 11. This is a time of immense significance in the Islamic community.  

The month-long, lunar holiday serves as a sacred period of introspection, spiritual growth and self-discipline for Muslims worldwide.  

Ramadan is a time marked by fasting from dawn to sunset, when Muslims abstain not only from food and drink, but from daily pleasures as well.  

Fasting during Ramadan serves as a powerful reminder of empathy and compassion for those less fortunate. By experiencing hunger and thirst, individuals gain a heightened understanding of the struggles faced by those who live in poverty.  

This shared experience fosters a sense of solidarity and motivates believers to engage in acts of charity, kindness and community service. It becomes a time for selflessness, reinforcing the importance of generosity and helping those in need. 

During this Ramadan season, I ask the campus community to be flexible with students recognizing the holiday as they may be absent from class during prayer time and may request extra accommodations to complete their assigned work.  

Stay tuned to Marquette Today and the Campus Ministry Instagram for more information on an upcoming Iftar dinner hosted by Campus Ministry.  

Ramadan serves as a transformative period, encouraging individuals to transcend their worldly desires and cultivate qualities of patience, gratitude and humility.  

Through self-control, believers aim to purify their hearts and souls, striving for a higher level of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.  

Ramadan, therefore, stands as a beacon of self-discipline and personal growth, guiding individuals to a more virtuous and fulfilling life. 

Students are encouraged to connect with Sameer Ali, Muslim Chaplain, who is available to provide emotional and spiritual support to students. 

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