Lubar Center’s ‘Get to Know’ with Joan Johnson, April 3

Join the Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education on Wednesday, April 3, at 12:15 p.m. as it continues its “Get to Know” series. Derek Mosley, director of the Lubar Center, will welcome Joan Johnson, director of the Milwaukee Public Library. 

Johnson, who has been with the Milwaukee Public Library since 2006, became its director in 2020. Over the years, the services of libraries have grown as social safety nets have been stretched. Not only are libraries a place for books and research, but they are also a critical component of vibrant communities. As we celebrate Library Week, learn more about Johnson, what brought her back to Milwaukee, and what exciting things are happening at the Milwaukee Public Library. 

The “Get to Know” series, as envisioned by Mosley, is “more late-night talk show than ‘Meet the Press.’” The program will begin promptly at 12:15 p.m. It will include lunch, conversation, and community in Eckstein Hall. Register here to attend.