Apply to participate in the 2024 Civil Rights Pilgrimage 

Students are invited to participate in the 2024 Civil Rights Pilgrimage to experience places across the U.S. South and learn about the people involved in the U.S. Southern Civil Rights Movement.

The pilgrimage will begin the morning of Sunday, May 12, and end the night of Saturday, May 18. Stops are planned in Ferguson, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; Ruleville, Mound Bayou, Glendora, Greenwood, Jackson, Canton and Meridian, Mississippi; Selma, Lowndes County and Montgomery, Alabama; and Louisville, Kentucky. Participants will visit museums, churches, memorials and parks and meet with civil rights movement veterans.

The participation fee is $300. If additional financial assistance is necessary, indicate so in the application.

Apply online by Wednesday, April 3. 

Contact Chris Jeske with any questions. More information, including travel diaries from previous trips, is available online