A message from Diederich College of Communication Dean Sarah Feldner

Dear alumni and friends of the Diederich College of Communication:

When I get the chance to talk to prospective students considering attending the Diederich College, I always encourage them to see themselves in our spaces and to imagine themselves working with our faculty and students. I also tell them that a choice to attend Marquette is also a choice to join the community of alumni who remain committed and connected to Marquette.

In a similar manner, when I travel with current students on our Diederich Experiences, where students meet with alumni to hear how their educational experiences led to their career and life journeys, I encourage students to see themselves in those narratives. The connections that unfold when our alumni and students interact are powerful. As stories unfurl, it activates imaginations on both sides.

Imagination has long been tied to the Ignatian tradition. In this sense, imagination allows us to contemplate stories that we hear to see ourselves in them and envision how we might live out our purposes in ways we may never have considered before. In the Diederich College, we believe in the power of this imagination.

In this digital issue of Marquette Comm you will hear how students see themselves in the professional experience of our alumni who come back to campus to teach in our newly launched Diederich Learning Labs. Then, you will learn about students living out their imaginations through a growing film culture in the college where students create their own work or collaborate with faculty on feature-length films. Finally, you will get to know current students who serve in the pivotal role of sparking imagination as they share the Marquette story with the next generation of students.  

It is my hope that as you read these stories, you can not only see how our students are imagining their futures, but that you can see yourself in their stories. These full-circle moments are what allow our college to have an impact on our community and our world.

Stay in touch,

Dr. Sarah Feldner
Dean of the Diederich College of Communication