Republican National Convention security perimeter to border Marquette campus 

The United States Secret Service has released a map of the general areas expected to be affected by the operational security plan for the 2024 Republican National Convention; the impacted area borders the eastern side of Marquette University’s campus, starting at 9th Street. 

The map shared by the Secret Service is considered tentative and may change as the convention approaches. The Secret Service plans to share more complete information about the security perimeter and road and exit closes by mid-June.  

Given Straz Tower’s proximity to the initial security perimeter, there is a possibility the building will be within the perimeter in later versions. Vehicular access may be limited. Specific information for Straz Tower occupants and Rec Plex members will be shared in Marquette Today closer to the convention. 

The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee from Monday, July 15, through Friday, July 19, 2024. All departments and units are asked to minimize the number of employees on campus by highly encouraging faculty and staff to work remotely during that period. 

Those with jobs that remain on campus are additionally encouraged to use flex hours to leave campus by 3 p.m. The convention will bring an influx of 35,000+ visitors to Milwaukee. The university encourages you to allocate extra time to commute to and from campus.  

Those who will be on campus during the RNC are strongly encouraged to wear their Marquette University ID and have a secondary form of identification available. You may be stopped at various security zones around campus. University buildings will additionally require MUID swipe access in the interest of safety. 

Just as the university did in preparation for the 2020 Democratic National Convention that was planned to be held in Milwaukee, Marquette is working directly with entities interested in renting our residence halls and event spaces during the Republican National Convention. Proceeds from campus rentals during the convention will be used for student scholarships. 

More information is available on the Marquette RNC website, and further updates will be shared in Marquette Today. A collection of frequently asked questions is available on the City of Milwaukee website