OUR offering media training for faculty experts available during RNC 

The Office of University Relations is offering a virtual media training session for faculty experts who plan to be available for media inquiries surrounding the Republican National Convention in July. 

The training will last about an hour and include: 

  • What to expect from media 
  • Role of the OUR communication team 
  • Tips for giving expert analysis 
  • Navigating politics as an expert 
  • Q&A with OUR’s media relations staff 

Sessions are open to anyone and will also feature general media training tips outside of those specific to the RNC. 

Sessions will be held via Teams. To register, click the session link and hit “send” on your email (this sends an email to a member of the OUR communication team). You will then be invited to a Teams meeting ahead of the session. 

If the links do not work for you, just send an email to kevin.m.conway@marquette.edu with your preferred session in the subject line. 

If you have not already and are interested in being available for expert requests leading up to and during the RNC, please complete the appropriate form below: 

  1. If you are currently in the Marquette Experts Directory, please complete this supplementary form
  2. If you would like to be added to the Experts Directory for the RNC, please complete this form

If you are unable to attend either session or have any other questions regarding faculty expert requests and other media interviews, please email Kevin Conway, associate director of university communication, at kevin.m.conway@marquette.edu.