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Marquette University mourns the loss of Rev. Don Matthys, S.J. 

Rev. Donald Matthys, S.J., wearing a yellow stole and glasses (front), and Rev. John Naus, S.J., wearing a black stole (center) participate in commencement-related activities in 1990.

Marquette University mourns the loss of Rev. Don Matthys, S.J., professor emeritus of physics in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, who passed away on Tuesday, Jan. 30. He was 87. 

Fr. Matthys taught at Marquette for nearly 40 years, joining the faculty in 1975 as an assistant professor. His research focused on optical methods of full field measurement, involving the use of optical techniques to measure material properties of stress and strain in structural elements. 

He also worked with panoramic lensing systems to specify the three-dimension coordinates of objects in space, and to study the deformation of the inner surfaces of pipes and cylinders. He retired in 2013. 

Please remember Fr. Matthys, his family and friends in prayer.