IT Services implementing new cybersecurity initiatives during spring semester 

Information Technology Services will be conducting updates throughout the spring semester to further protect you and your university data. Security and process improvements include secured access to the university’s wired network and a new mobile device management system. 

“As online threats continue to evolve, Marquette is committed to ensuring your data and the university’s data is handled as securely as possible,” said Laurie Panella, Marquette’s chief information officer. “These initiatives help ensure Marquette is up to date with recommended security measures in our current digital landscape.” 

Wired Network 

Ethernet ports will be updated on campus on a building-by-building basis to prevent unauthorized access to the wired network. This update will enhance network security and compliance by verifying the identity and credentials of each user and device before granting access. Marquette-managed computers will be automatically signed in to the network when you log on. 

Additional information and a full schedule are available on the IT Services website. Building contacts will be notified prior to work being conducted in their respective building.  

Mobile Device Management (Cell Phones and Tablets) 

IT Services will additionally roll out a new mobile device management system starting in February. Mobile device management (MDM) is a proven technology toolset used to provide a workforce mobile productivity tools while keeping university data secure. Since mobile devices (both Marquette-supplied and personal cell phones and tablets) may access critical business data, they can threaten security if compromised, stolen or lost. 

Employees will be required to enroll their devices by following instructions which will be shared at a later date. It is important to note, Marquette DOES NOT have access to any personal information stored on your mobile device, including text messages or photos. 

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