Health Sciences

Biomedical sciences student representing Marquette in the 2024 Big East Startup Challenge 

Abigail Crocker, a junior biomedical sciences student in the College of Health Sciences and founder of Tailored Remedy, will be representing Marquette in the Big East Startup Challenge on Thursday, Feb. 29. 

Inspired by her experience as a certified nursing assistant and her participation in MU Flight School, Crocker, through Tailored Remedy, has made it her mission to democratize medical information. 

Tailored Remedy, an AI platform developed by Crocker, allows users to ask questions about their doctor’s office visits, their prescriptions and other aspects of their own health. The platform then answers these questions by taking complicated medical information from sources such as the FDA and drug information packets and presents it to users in a clear and accessible manner. Unlike traditional medical platforms, Tailored Remedy does not prescribe courses of action but offers easy-to-understand medical information, empowering patients to play an active role in their health care journey. 

The BIG EAST Startup Challenge is a competition featuring startup teams of student entrepreneurs representing all 11 schools in the conference. It will run from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and can be viewed virtually.

Reflecting on her journey, Crocker acknowledges the invaluable support she received from the 707 Hub on campus.

“There was a point where I was stuck and afraid to ask for help,” Crocker said. “Since I had no background in business, I was scared to go to the 707 Hub to ask for advice, but once I did, it became a place I would go to every week to gain more mentorship for my business.”

Crocker thanks Patrick Monahan, director of innovation at the 707 Hub, for guiding her through the complexities of entrepreneurship and the connections he has provided for her, without which she believes she would have been unable to progress.

As she prepares to represent Marquette in this year’s Big East Challenge, Crocker remains committed to her mission of simplifying the complex world of healthcare. Her innovative approach not only benefits patients, who can better prepare for medical appointments, but also enhances the efficacy of healthcare providers’ interactions with their patients.