U-Pass spring activation: Visit CheckMarq for new code 

To activate your spring U-Pass, students need to enter a new code into the Umo app. Codes can be found in the profile section of the Student Home Page in CheckMarq. New codes are scheduled to be populated on Monday, Jan. 8. 

U-Pass allows students to ride any Milwaukee County Transit System bus for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Fall codes will work through Saturday, Jan. 18. Your spring code must be entered by that date to prevent any gap in service. If you feel that you are U-Pass eligible, but have not received a new code by Jan. 9, contact MarquetteCard Services at marquettecard@marquettecard.com. Instructions will also be emailed to all who receive a code. 

For information on routes, schedules and the U-PASS, go to ridemcts.com.