Reminder on winter weather disruptions, guidance for campus events 

Given anticipated winter weather in the Milwaukee area, Marquette reminds all students, faculty and staff to revisit the latest update on what happens during a weather-related disruption to classes and operations. 

In addition, the university is providing more detailed guidance for how campus events may be impacted by a weather-related operational disruption when classes are in session. In general, when classes are canceled due to severe weather, most campus events will be canceled. Exceptions are outlined below. All student-organized events will be canceled. 

Events in the AMU 

When classes are cancelled due to severe weather, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) will decide whether to cancel events organized by Marquette faculty or staff to be held in the AMU on a case-by-case basis with input from the VP for student affairs and the event-sponsoring ULC member. The VP of student affairs will decide whether to cancel events to be held in the AMU that are hosted by outside parties to Marquette. 

Events in other campus spaces, clinics 

When severe weather is anticipated during a planned event, Marquette event organizers should reach out to their ULC member to discuss the expected impact of the weather and if continuing to host the event is in the participants’ best interest. If so, the ULC member should reach out to their ELT member to request an exception. If the ULC member does not manage the space where the event is to be held, the ULC member who manages the space must also be in agreement before an exception request is made. ELT will decide on exception requests. 

For clinics, when classes are canceled due to severe weather, the dean to which a clinic ultimately reports will decide if the clinic will be open. 

The cancelation of athletic events due to severe weather will be made by the VP and director of athletics, in collaboration with the Big East conference and ELT. 


For more information about how the university monitors weather, makes weather-related operational changes and communicates changes, please see the severe weather policies web page