New employee network account login information moving to Datamarq 

Effective Feb. 5, supervisors of newly hired employees and directors of academic business affairs (where applicable) will need to access a report containing the network account login information for their newly hired employees. Individual emails with this information will no longer be sent. 

Like the emails, this report will include the new hire’s MUID, email address and login instructions for new hires who do not have existing network credentials. The report is only for new hires from the past 90 days or those starting in the next 240 days. 

Access the New MU Network Account Creation – Employee report on the Datamarq webpage. Hiring managers should bookmark this report for easy access. For further information on how to navigate this report, click here

While this represents a shift in how network information is accessed by supervisors to provide to their newly hired employees, it allows for enhanced reporting and improved functionality for any program that uses the organizational structure in Active Directory, including the organizational structures reported in Teams and Outlook.