Medical plan and ID card update: new ID cards arriving soon 

ID cards 

Marquette’s medical plan provider UMR indicates that new ID cards have been mailed to employees who have medical coverage through the university. If you have not received your new ID card, it should arrive soon. In the meantime, you can print out a temporary card by logging into your account (or creating an account) at Alternatively, use your current ID card, which contains accurate member ID numbers, group numbers and pharmacy information.   

Using your medical plan benefits 

Once you receive your ID card in the mail, you’ll notice the UMR welcome letter indicates you are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare PCP Network. Please know that this is the same thing as NexusACO, so you should continue to use the NexusACO network to find Tier 1 providers to receive the highest benefit. Click here to learn how to find a provider.  

If you did not select a primary care provider during annual enrollment, you may do so by logging in (or creating) an account at Click here to learn how to designate a PCP. Once you elect a PCP, you will receive a new ID card in the mail. Also know that you may change your designated PCP throughout the year by logging into your account.  

As the new plan year begins, recall that you will first meet your deductible. You may use provider’s services; however, the providers you use will determine how your claim will be processed and paid after you have met your deductible (tier 1, tier 2 or out-of-network).  

Specialty medications 

If you are taking or using an eligible specialty medication, you must participate in the specialty access program. An enrollment specialist with the Navitus Specialty Pharmacy, Lumicera, will assist you with enrolling in the program and collecting all necessary information. During the enrollment process, the specialist will work with you to ensure you continue to receive your specialty medication(s). Contact Lumicera at (855) 847-3553 or with any questions.  See the Annual Benefits Enrollment Guide for additional information. 


Reach out to a member of the human resources employee benefits team at