Duo multi-factor authentication for cloud applications launches Jan. 31 

Faculty and staff who registered for Duo will begin receiving Duo authentication prompts when logging into Microsoft Entra ID Single Sign On (SSO) web applications on Tuesday, Jan. 31. This applies to all faculty and staff accounts accessing cloud applications while away from campus. This includes applications like Coupa, Bswift, Kuali, Qualtrics and many others. 

Those who have not yet registered will be presented with Duo self-registration prompt. Register early to avoid disruptions to your access. 

What is multi-factor authentication?  

Multi-factor authentication provides a strong second layer of security when used in conjunction with usernames and passwords. MFA requires an additional mobile application, available for iPhone and Android smartphones. If you don’t have a smartphone, alternative options are available.  

Why the change? 

Phishing and other scams attempt to get credentials and use them to access university systems, putting information at risk. MFA provides an extra layer of security to make it more difficult for someone to misuse your Marquette credentials.