Wellness Weekly: Mindful holiday eating 

Learn more about mindful eating during the holiday season with this article from the Live Well, Work Well Newsletter 

The holiday season often means more parties and gatherings — and an abundance of festive food and drinks. However, practicing mindful holiday eating can help you savor the season without overdoing it. This healthy approach encourages focusing on preparing and consuming food in a distraction-free environment. Thinking about the food may make you more aware of your hunger and fullness cues. Mindful eating offers physical and mental health advantages, such as:  

  • Better body cue recognition  
  • Overeating prevention  
  • Healthier food choices  
  • Stress reduction  
  • Weight loss 

Mindful eating doesn’t mean avoiding eating your favorite holiday foods. It’s simply about bringing more awareness and enjoyment to your food. Also, focus on the social aspect of gatherings and engaging in meaningful conversations. By practicing mindful holiday eating, you can enjoy the season and create lasting memories.  

Interested in working with a health coach? 

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