Graduate & Professional Studies

Stories of Graduate Student Success: Meghan Bennett, doctoral student in the Department of Psychology

Meghan Bennett is a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology who was recently awarded the prestigious Arthur J. Schmitt Fellowship. The Arthur J. Schmitt Fellowship identifies talented Marquette University doctoral students and helps to support their development as socially responsible leaders in the community and beyond. Bennett noted the fellowship aligns with her values of leading initiatives to expand positive social change. In particular, she is dedicated to expanding training opportunities for other researchers and clinicians working to mitigate psychiatric distress and suffering.

Bennett spends much of her time in the Translational Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at Marquette, where she studies the biology of stress-related psychopathology. Her training spans the study of central and peripheral nervous system markers implicated in the stress response in health and illness and on neurobiological aberrations underlying symptomology in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently, she is investigating how deficits in reward processing following trauma may contribute to chronicity and severity of symptoms in PTSD. She plans to present her work at the Socierty of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting in May 2024.