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Stories of Graduate Student Success: Madison Sutton, doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences

Madison Sutton is a current doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences who was recently awarded the distinguished Arthur J. Schmitt Fellowship. These awards go to individuals who are emerging leaders in their field and focus on furthering their development as leaders and mentors in their careers.

Sutton’s research focuses on songbird responses to climate change. She conducts her research at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon and measures how climate and species interactions shape distributions and ultimately survival for birds. Every year, she mentors and leads students in the field to conduct their own research focusing on addressing our understanding of the natural world. She is also an active member in ecological societies and committees that focus on increasing representation and diversity in ecology.

Sutton is a first-generation graduate student from Stewartsville, New Jersey. She has been to 45 out of 50 states studying birds. When she is not out birding, she can be found reading, cycling or playing with her nephew, Rowan.

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