Health Sciences

Picture This: A Research & Scholarship Photo Contest 2023 winners chosen

The second annual Picture This: A Research & Scholarship Photo Contest sponsored by the College of Health Sciences has come to an end and there are four new winners for each of the categories: clinical research, creative representation of scholarship, research imaging and basic science.

Below are the four winners and a slideshow of the rest of the photos submitted this year. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit and take part in this year’s contest!

The winning photos will be displayed in the John P. Raynor, S.J., Library for the campus community to see for years to come.

Basic Science Winner

Faculty researcher: Dr. Rick Boyd, Physics, Klinger College of Arts and Sciences

Photo credit: Jace Ocker

Research Focus: Hybridization of Dendrobates tinctorious tropical dart frogs: dominant, recessive, codominant color patterns.

Caption: Hybridization of tropical dart frog Dendrobates tinctorious resulted in Marquette University colors, representing codominant color genetic inheritance.

Clinical Research Winner

Faculty researcher: Dr. Sam Nemanich, Occupational Therapy, College of Health Sciences

Photo credit: Md Raihan Mia, graduate student

Research Focus: Neuromotor control of upper-limb movement and kinematics of children with cerebral palsy using mHealth application and sensors

Caption: A participant is playing the motor assessment game on an iPad, wearing muscle inertial measurement units and electroencephalogram sensors.

Creative Representation of Scholarship Winner

Faculty researcher: Dr. Walter McDonald, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Opus College of Engineering

Photo credit: Ben Bodus, graduate student

Research Focus: Design and improvement of green stormwater infrastructure.

Caption: Pictured is Bodus’ design, application and experimental setup of a media filter to remove dissolved phosphorus and other stormwater contaminants from a bioretention system.

Research Imaging

Faculty researcher: Dr. Paul Gasser, Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences

Photo credit: Biomedical Sciences student Michael Szymanski and Biological Sciences student Danielle Barrett

Research Focus: Stress effects on brain cell function

Caption: Specialized brain cells called astrocytes cultured on a microscope slide. Blue fluorescent dye labels the nucleus of each cell. A structural protein is labeled in green, and a signaling protein is labeled in red.

Thank you again to everyone who participated this year! Take a look at the rest of the entrants into this year’s contest.

  • Pollinators visiting flowers in the new campus pocket prairie which are being monitored by the campus community; Faculty researcher: Dr. Jen Zaspel, Biological Sciences, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences; Photo credit: Kat Sullivan. Research Focus: Community-based approaches to characterizing biodiversity for conservation action