Graduate & Professional Studies

Members of Marquette University Graduate School attend meetings in Washington D.C. to discuss new initiatives and opportunities for future collaborations

As part of the annual Conference of Graduate Schools meeting in Washington, D.C., members of the Graduate School attended the AJCU Graduate Deans Network meeting to share best practices, discuss challenges in higher education, and to collaborate on new initiatives across campuses.

The AJCU Graduate Deans Network is co-chaired by Dr. Doug Woods, dean of the Marquette University Graduate School.

Dr. Carrianne Hayslett, associate dean for strategic innovation and academic program development, and Dr. Scott D’Urso, associate dean for academic affairs and student development, also participated in the meeting.

Leaders from other AJCU campuses were particularly interested in learning more about the launch of Marquette University’s recently passed Career Skills Requirement for Ph.D. programs and hearing about the Graduate Student Success Initiative underway on campus.

While in Washington D.C., the Graduate School met up with Dr. Matthew Costello, a two-time Marquette alumnus (Grad Arts ’11, Grad Arts ’16), who has recently been named the chief education officer of the White House Historical Association, for a personal tour of the White House. They were joined by Dr. Paul Nolette, director of Marquette University’s Les Aspin Center for Government. Afterward, the Graduate School discussed potential collaborations with the Aspin Center, which could allow graduate students to take advantage of high-impact learning experiences in Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee.