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Stories of Graduate Student Success: Khaled Mosharraf Mukut, doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Khaled Mosharraf Mukut, a current doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was recently awarded the Richard W. Jobling Distinguished Research Assistantship. The award is made possible through a generous donation to Marquette University to encourage and support research activity by doctoral students in the fields of science and engineering.

Mukut’s research endeavors are dedicated to gaining comprehensive insights into the intricate processes governing the formation, dissemination and mitigation of soot, a significant air pollutant in our environment. He is actively engaged in crafting multiple journal manuscripts to disseminate his team’s discoveries. Mukut presented elements of his research at the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) conference in Portland, Oregon, in October 2023. The AAAR conference fosters invaluable discussions and collaborations that shape the trajectory of air quality management.

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