In the bullpen with Brian Anderson: one credit class allows communication students to explore their true voice

Students enrolled in the Diederich College of Communication had the opportunity to take a one-credit class with famed Milwaukee Brewers announcer Brian Anderson this fall. Over the course of two sessions, Anderson met with students to share his expertise and encourage them to practice their skills in play-by-play announcing.

Outside of class, students read Morton Cooper’s “Change Your Voice, Change Your Life,” watched two NBA games called by Anderson and submitted practice recordings of their own. In the students’ words, this was a life-changing and unforgettable experience:

  • “The most impactful part of this class was how confident Anderson made us feel in ourselves.” — Matthew Baltz
  • “Overall, this class was surprisingly one of the best classes I have ever taken, and I will always look back on it and be thankful I took it.” — Molly Haughey
  • “Aside from all the material I learned, the most impactful teaching from this class was what came directly from Brian. Something that really stuck with me was when he left us with the advice to always be a kind person, first and foremost… that in itself is more valuable than being a great broadcaster.” — Mia Thurow
  • “When you learn from a professional, it gives you motivation to practice and be the best broadcaster you can be from a young age.” — Kristin Parisi
  • “Thanks, Mr. Anderson!” — Dane Golden