Policy Review Committee shares three UPP updates 

Marquette provides University Policies and Procedures (UPPs) for the campus community as a written record of approved and current academic, operational, financial, and business policies and procedures.  Following is an overview of three updated policies — all are available in full on the UPP website

UPDATED: UPP 2-02: Export Controls 

Revisions have been made to comply with the current state of the law and best practices surrounding export controls. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.) 

UPDATED: UPP 4-09: Tuition Benefit Programs 

Revisions have been made to clarify benefits related to education abroad programs. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.) 

UPDATED: UPP 5-03: Use of Facilities 

The policy was updated to further clarify the use of campus facilities, including outdoor spaces. Changes to the policy include language that: 

  • makes clear Marquette’s facilities are private property and are not places of unrestricted access; 
  • specifies who can use facilities and for what purposes; 
  • prioritizes the use of facilities by university groups and organizations; 
  • outlines behaviors that will not be tolerated in campus facilities; 
  • further clarifies which offices manage the reservations of specific campus facilities. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.)