Health Sciences

AHPRC announces awardees of 2023-24 Student Research Initiative 

The Marquette AHPRC Student Research Initiative is designed to facilitate undergraduate research across campus and support the mission and global goal of the AHPRC. Awardees receive $5,000 during the course of the academic year to pursue their projects.  

This year, four students were selected: 

  • Tess Birmingham, exercise physiology major (mentored by Dr. Christopher Sundberg): “Impact of Blood Flow Restriction on Satellite Cell and Capillary Content in Skeletal Muscle of Older Adults” 
  • Lilianna Buss, medical laboratory science major (mentored by Dr. Nilanjan Lodh): “Health Monitoring and Educational Intervention: Improving Well-being of the African American Community” 
  • Joanna Lee, biomedical sciences major (mentored by Dr. Christopher Sundberg): “Potential Role of Cellular Senescence on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type-Specific Atrophy with Aging” 
  • Grace Tostrud, exercise physiology major (mentored by Dr. Jacob Capin): “Bone Density in Athletes Participating in Jumping, Cutting, and Pivoting Sports: An Understudied Population”

Learn more about the Student Research Initiative online.