On the Issues: Under Pressure, Justice in the Time of Covid, Sept. 26

Marquette University Law School will host a special “On the Issues,” on justice in the time of Covid, on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 12:15 p.m. in Eckstein Hall.

Register online to attend. A light lunch will be available.

A number of guests will join Derek Mosley, director of the Lubar Center for for Public Policy Research and Civic Education, to discuss the performance of the local justice system during the pandemic. Guests include:

  • Carl Ashley, chief judge of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court
  • Rob Henken, Wisconsin Policy Forum president
  • Tom Reed, regional attorney manager of the State Public Defender’s Milwaukee Trial Office
  • John Chisholm, Milwaukee County district attorney
  • Mary Triggiano, former chief judge, director of Marquette’s Andrew Center for Restorative Justice and adjunct professor of law

In January 2021, the Lubar Center asked at an “On the Issues” program:

  • How has the local justice system responded to the many challenges posed by the health crisis?
  • Has justice continued to be delivered in a timely manner, and what lessons have been learned in the last year that could be useful in the future? 

This program will focus on similar questions concerning the efforts to carry out the justice system’s responsibilities throughout the pandemic, the subject of the recently released report “Under Pressure: The Milwaukee County Justice System’s Recovery from COVID-19.” The report was commissioned by the Milwaukee-based Argosy Foundation and the Milwaukee Community Justice Council, and it was prepared by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Policy Forum.