Wellness Weekly: Improving your relationship with your phone 

Improving your relationship with your phone – from the Live Well, Work Well newsletter 

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier, but they can also impact our physical and mental well-being. To build a healthier relationship with your phone, try the following strategies:  

  • Turn off notifications. Disable notifications for social media apps or mute group chats to avoid being tempted by distractions.  
  • Check at specific times. Create achievable boundaries by checking your phone at certain times or leaving your phone in another room.  
  • Avoid use before bed. Try to cut down on phone use in bed or right before sleeping. The bright screen can signal to your body that it’s time to be awake, so you may have trouble falling asleep or experience lower sleep quality.  

Start small to create an action plan that works for your life and schedule. 

Check out the featured video in the My Wellness Portal: Creating Healthy Boundaries with Technology (Home then On-Demand Videos). In this video, you will reflect on your use of technology and its pros and cons in your life, and learn how to set boundaries to improve your overall well-being. Track this for 10 points in your My Wellness Portal

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