New password policy to be enforced on Sept. 5 

To better align with current security recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), IT Services has updated its password policy for all IT Services managed applications, systems, and websites. There are two main components of this change:  

  1. This change eliminated password expiration. Users will no longer be required to change their passwords every 180 days. 
  2. This change increased the required minimum password length from 8 characters to 16 characters. 

IT Services began implementing this policy change on Wednesday, March 8. See this Marquette Today article for more information.

If you have already reset your password to meet the new requirements, then no further action is necessary. If you have not adopted a new 16-character passphrase, then you will need to reset your password by Tuesday, Sept. 5, to avoid being locked out of your account. 

Password guidance  

Having trouble building your next password? Please see IT Services’ password guidance here

Password recovery 

Tired of having to call the IT Services Help Desk to reset your password? Register for self-service password recovery here

If you have questions about the changes to our password policy, or if you want to report suspicious activities to IT, contact