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Marquette, Rapid Radicals cut ribbon on pioneering wastewater pilot system

Representatives from Marquette and Rapid Radicals Technology, a startup founded to commercialize technology originally developed at Marquette, celebrated the launch of its pilot wastewater treatment system with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 10

The Rapid Radicals wastewater treatment system is designed to provide a treatment solution for sewer overflows that also works for other municipal and industrial applications. It treats water in 20 minutes compared to the 8-14 hours required for conventional treatment. It requires a small physical footprint, is cost-effective, and treats water to advanced water quality performance.

Dr. Paige Peters, a three-time Marquette alumna, is Rapid Radicals founder and chief technology officer. She was joined by:

  • Will Schanen, A&S ’20, COO and environmental economist, Rapid Radicals
  • Dylan Waldhutter, CEO, Rapid Radicals
  • Dr. Kalpa Vithalani, executive director of technology transfer in the Office of University Relations
  • Matt Magruder, environmental research manager, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Dr. Kristina Ropella, Opus Dean of the Opus College of Engineering
  • Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp, vice president of research and innovation
  • Dr. Carmel Ruffalo, associate vice president of corporate engagement in University Relations

Initially supported by the National Science Foundation-funded Water Equipment and Policy – Industry/University Collaborative Research Center, the research behind this pilot system focused on developing a high-rate advanced wastewater treatment process. Marquette’s Office of University Relations has filed patent applications on this important technology and recently completed a pivotal intellectual property license agreement with Rapid Radicals to facilitate the transformation of this technology to help society. Rapid Radicals has received over $1.6 million in grant awards that are helping turn the startup’s foundational technology into a viable product.

Rapid Radicals Technology, Inc. (Rapid Radicals) is a Marquette startup developing an innovative high-rate wastewater treatment technology originally developed to address combined sewer overflows for municipal sewerage districts. The technology, however, can be applied across a range of applications from municipal (high quality, rapid treatment) to industrial (high strength wastes) to emergency situations (mobile, small footprint).