Wellness year ends Sept. 29; How to stay hydrated this summer

There are two months left in the 2022-2023 wellness year. Enter your points in the My Wellness Portal by Friday, Sept. 29.

Employees and spouses that are enrolled in a Marquette medical plan have until Sept. 29 to earn points for FSA or HSA contributions in 2024. All participants have until Sept. 29 to earn points for quarterly raffle entries. The prize for the quarterly raffle is a $50 Amazon gift card.

Stay hydrated this summer from Healthy You by UMR

Water is vital to your health. Almost everything your body needs to function is fueled by this essential liquid.

Staying hydrated provides your body with what it needs to function at its best and helps prevent future health issues.

There are several ways to make staying hydrated more manageable and even a little fun.

  • Challenge yourself – Setting goals can provide an extra boost of motivation and create healthy habits. Challenge yourself to drink a full eight-ounce glass of water before your morning coffee or before every meal.
  • Mix it up – Add fresh fruit or herbs to your water for a flavorful kick. Include some strawberry slices in a cup of cold water, or add lemon juice and honey to a cup of hot water for a slightly sweet treat.
  • Snack on water-dense foods – While 80% of your overall fluid intake comes from drinks, 20% comes from what you eat. Eating more fruits and veggies that are naturally higher in water content, such as cucumbers, bell peppers, and melons, can increase your overall hydration levels.
  • Track your progress – Add structure and fun to your daily water intake with a water bottle marked with a progress bar or specific times at which you should be hydrating. Seeing a physical representation of how far you’ve come each day can make reaching your goals feel more satisfying.
  • Get more from your drink – While you can get all the electrolytes you need through a healthy diet, adding a supplement with additional vitamins and minerals can speed up your body’s recovery from dehydration, while adding extra flavor to your drink.