Marquette University Police Department bestows honors

The Marquette University Police Department honored members of the department, as well as citizens and community partners, at an award ceremony on Monday, July 17. The following individuals and organizations were recognized: 

Community Partner Award

Christopher Kidd 

Christopher Kidd assists police in several ways, including allowing MUPD to utilize space in the River Valley Historic Venue to host a two-day training in-service. Kidd is involved in community groups and has taken a vocal stance on issues surrounding community safety. 

Community Partner Awards

Inspired Artisans  

Inspired Artisans, a studio that specializes in the design, creation and restoration of custom artwork, donated a five-foot, bronze-colored statue of St. Michael to MUPD following the police force responding to a call by the studio. The display was blessed and dedicated by Rev. Kent Beausoleil, S.J., MUPD chaplain. 

Campus Partner Award 

Liz Sides, director of employment and employee relations in the Office of Human Resources 

Liz Sides has worked tirelessly with department administration throughout the transition from public safety to a fully functional police department. Her work has included policy updates and revisions, contract negotiations, disciplinary issues and hiring. 

Citizen’s Life Saving Award

Students Harry Baker and Mitch Van Vooren 

On Saturday, March 11, Harry Baker was grilling near the deep end of a pool and talking with Mitch Van Vooren when he realized a classmate had been submerged for an extended amount of time. Baker and Van Vooren both jumped into the pool and retrieved their classmate, with Harry performing CPR. 

Upon arrival, the EMT’s placed their classmate in an ambulance and transported him to a local hospital. Due to the quick action of Baker and Van Vooren, their classmate did not sustain any long-term injuries, made a full recovery and was able to enjoy the rest of his break.  

Certificate of Commendation

Presented in recognition of a high degree of competence and professionalism in the performance of departmental duties. This includes exemplary conduct in the field or on an operation, outstanding administrative work and the effective handling of a criminal investigation. 

CO Don Trimboli 

A subject entered an unlocked vehicle and drove it without consent. Don Trimboli took fast action and had the vehicle tracked. The vehicle was later recovered, and a suspect was arrested. 

CO Liz Sanders 

Liz Sanders was conducting a virtual patrol of campus when she saw a man who appeared to be in distress. After seeing him fall in the snow, Sanders dispatched officers and contacted medical personel for the male.  

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service award is awarded for outstanding accomplishments that have contributed to a more effective and efficient police department. 

Lt. James Hensley and Data Analytics Specialist Carrie Peters 

James Hensley and Carrie Peters were instrumental in the department securing $75,000 in grant funds from the U.S. Department of Justice for operational updates. Once the grant was received, both Jim and Carrie spent countless hours working with MUPD’s Policy Workgroup to create a new MUPD Policy Manual, as well as a MUPD Procedures manual. Hensley and Peters were also instrumental in securing grant money for the deployment of MUPD’s new body worn cameras.  

Sgt. Amy Oltendorf 

Amy Oltendorf reinvigorated Marquette’s student transportation program, updating the experience as the university transitioned from the LIMO Program to technology-based EagleExpress. EagleExpress completed nearly 50,000 rides in first semester

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service award is presented to a member who has distinguished themselves by exceptional service in the performance of their duties or great or unusual responsibility wherein they have displayed initiative, marked ability, keen observation skills and dedication to the department’s mission within the community. 

CO Karen Kneiszel  

Kneiszel used her sharp skills and knowledge of camera locations to assist police in locating where a subject hid a firearm following a vehicle pursuit. 

CO Marissa Fleck, CO Holly Schaller and CO Jordan Krimmer 

A subject entered a Marquette construction site and removed property. Marissa Fleck and Holly Schaller immediately began to investigate and, through video reviews, identified the subject and tracked him. Jordan Krimmer monitored the area until the subject returned and sent officers to arrest the subject.  

PO Brian Larson and PO Scott Metz 

Brian Larson and Scott Metz engaged in a foot pursuit with a subject who fired a weapon. Metz secured the subject in custody while Larson recovered the firearm. Officers quickly got medical attention for the subject and secured the crime scene. 

Sgt. Josiah Williams 

MUPD received a call of a robbery and, knowing the shift was shorthanded, Josiah Williams left his desk for the area of the robbery. Minutes later, Williams located the subject and assisted in taking him into custody.   

PO Brett Borg 

Brett Borg recognized a known suspect while arriving for work and, despite being off-duty, pursued the suspect and made an arrest. 

Life-Saving Award

The Life-Saving Award is conferred upon any member of the department whose actions directly contribute to saving or significantly prolonging human life. 

  • PO Scott Metz 
  • PO Eliza Kranz, PO Carly Kramer, PO Brian Plachinski and PO Dan Kawczynski 
  • PO Jose Abrego and PO Quintin Harris 
  • PO Patrick Elm, PO Emily Wells and PO Anthony Muro 

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is given to any member of the department who has shown a commitment to the welfare of the community beyond the normal call of duty. Such commitment can be demonstrated in a single act or in a series of acts that focus on advancing the quality of life of the Marquette community residents. 

  • PO Carolina Mora 
  • PO Quintin Harris 
  • PO Juan Martinez