MUPD, ITS report successful test of campuswide automatic door lockdown system

Earlier this week, the Marquette University Police Department and IT Services successfully tested the university’s campus security management system, cCure, which allows MUPD to remotely and simultaneously lock all building access, as well as interior door and elevator card readers in the event of an active shooter or other emergency.

Members of the university’s Crisis Management Committee, MUPD officers and volunteers manually checked exterior door access as part of the test and reported that the cCure system automatically locked nearly 100% of the exterior door card readers on campus — the one that did not work has since been repaired.

Additionally, the team identified several doors requiring maintenance, which will be completed in the near term to mitigate any mechanical vulnerabilities.

MUPD, ITS and the Crisis Management Committee thank the on-campus community for its patience and cooperation during the test, and the team extends its appreciation to the volunteers who helped check exterior doors to ensure a successful test.

MUPD and ITS will test the cCure campus security management system annually — watch Marquette Today for notice of an upcoming test. 

If you experienced any issues with normal card reader access immediately following the test, please notify the ITS Help Desk at or (414) 288-7799. 

Note: In an actual lockdown situation, such as an active shooter, only law enforcement will have access to open building doors during the lockdown — all 1,300 card readers on campus would be locked to non-police card users, affecting interior doors, elevators, turnstiles and parking gates.