Faculty Success (formerly Faculty Activities Database) returns to service

As of June 1, Faculty Success (formerly Faculty Activities Database) is now available for use. Over the course of the past year, a committee of faculty and administrators have worked to clean up older system functions, port data to the new version of the tool and streamline categories and fields of data used across campus to make the system more usable at all levels. These efforts will bring new functionality to faculty, staff and administrators.

This summer, work continues to optimize Faculty Success to improve the user experience, so users may notice small changes during that time. Efforts are underway to prepare training documents and presentations, tailored to the colleges and schools. These will be delivered to campus units this fall via in-person training opportunities. Additionally, look for more features to be introduced to users on campus in the coming months.

Previous reporting tools/reports are currently being updated to function with the new system and this process will be completed as soon as possible this summer. The MOCES data from spring 2023 will be added in early June. Over the course of the next year colleges, schools and other units will be engaged to recreate reports or design new reports to take full advantage of the new tools and functionality of Faculty Success. 

Contact Dr. Gary Meyer or Dr. Scott D’Urso, committee co-chairs, with any questions about this update.