upgrade adds campus access only pages, improved search functionality

The Office of University Relations and IT Services partnered to develop improved search and new campus access functionality as part of an upgrade to the Marquette website.  

This upgrade to restricts some internal pages from public view. Limiting internal content improves public search functionality, enhancing the visitor web experience. 

Starting on May 10, select pages will be restricted to campus access only ( These pages will not be visible to the public or show up in public search results. Initially, the pages restricted to campus access include:  

  • Campus Climate Study  
  • Campus Contacts  
  • Computer Replacement Program (CRP)  
  • EthicsPoint  
  • Excellence in University Service  
  • Faculty and Staff  
  • Human Resources for Current Employees  
  • IT Services Policies and Procedures  
  • Search public and campus access sites  
  • Technology Training  
  • University Planning and Infrastructure Committee (UPIC)  
  • University Policies and Procedures (UPPs)  

Additionally, Marquette users accessing campus access only pages from an off-campus connection will not need to use VPN. If you are not already logged in, simply sign in with your Marquette email address and password to view campus access websites. 

On-campus users will enjoy an improved search engine of both public and campus access content, with results noting which pages are campus access only. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Improved overall search functionality 
  • Improved external user experience by limiting unnecessary pages (i.e., “declutters” Marquette’s publicly facing website)  
  • Upon request, web authors can limit current content access to the Marquette community 
  • No VPN required for Marquette users to access campus-only pages from off campus  
  • Helps protect unnecessary information from public view  
  • Restricted campus contacts page mitigates unsolicited sales calls and other spam  

Web authors recently received information about the new campus access functionality, including examples of content suited for campus access.  

Changes will go into effect on Wednesday, May 10. If you have questions about campus access or search, email