Faculty and staff: Access mental health resources

Mental health awareness is a topic that can’t be ignored. By understanding, accepting and supporting those who are struggling with mental health issues, we can create a more understanding and supportive world.

LifeMatters suggests these ideas for making your mental health a priority:

  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Give yourself time to adjust to big life changes
  • Keep busy with mentally stimulating activities
  • Exercise
  • Get enough sleep

There are many different ways to access mental health resources. See below for options:

From LifeMatters

LifeMatters, Marquette’s employee assistance program, has countless resources available related to mental health and wellness. Log in to view webinars and articles related to emotional wellbeing, stress management techniques, and understanding depression.

From the My Wellness portal

You can access webinars and on-demand videos related to emotional wellness in the My Wellness portal. You can also utilize Animo, a digital behavioral health platform that can help to address stress, depression and anxiety.

From Tria Health

Tria Health can also help you to improve your mental health and manage mental health conditions. This is a free and confidential benefit available through your health plan. Tria Health provides one-on-one, private consultations with your own dedicated pharmacist over the phone. Your Tria Health pharmacist can assist you in creating a customized treatment strategy by reviewing medication options as well as non-pharmacological methods for managing mental health.

Schedule a free medication review with Tria Health here.

Find more information about accessing these and other mental health resources on the My Emotional health website.