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Dr. Iqbal Ahamed, Md. Raihan Mia honored with Best Paper Award from Elsevier’s Smart Health Journal


Dr. Iqbal Ahamed, professor of computer science in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, and Md. Raihan Mia, Ph.D. student in computer science, were honored with a 2022 Best Paper Award by the Elsevier’s Smart Health Journal. 

Ahamed and Mia were selected for their article “A privacy-preserving National Clinical Data Warehouse: Architecture and analysis,” co-written with Abu Sayed Md Latiful Hoque and Shahidul Islam Khan. The paper was selected from a list of high-quality research papers published in the journal and was judged and praised for its high impact in terms of citations and downloads over the last two years. 

The paper details an anonymous National Clinical Data Warehouse framework designed by the authors based on previous research. A centralized clinical data repository is essential for inspecting patients’ medical history, disease analysis, population-wide disease research, treatment decision support and improving existing healthcare policies and services. Bangladesh, a rapidly developing country, poses several unusual challenges for developing such a centralized clinical data repository as the existing electronic health records are stored in unconnected, heterogeneous sources with no unique patient identifier and consistency. The architecture of the NCDW is designed to address these challenges. 

The paper was published in Smart Health, a journal which focuses on research topics pertaining to devices, sensing, computing and communication technologies, software/hardware modeling and system architectures towards personalized, pervasive, participatory, predictive, preventive, programmable and perpetual healthcare.