Dr. H. Cem Gungor awarded for most prestigious journal article in pediatric dentistry

Dr. H. Cem Gungor, associate professor of dental developmental sciences in the School of Dentistry, was awarded the Paul P. Taylor Award at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Meeting on Friday, May 26, in Orlando, Florida.

The Paul P. Taylor Award is given to the lead author of the most prestigious journal article in pediatric dentistry from the previous year. Gungor was awarded for “Direct Pulp Capping of Primary Molars with Calcium Hydroxide or MTA Following Hemorrhage Control with Different Medicaments: Randomized Clinical Trial.” 

Pulp tissue – the part of a tooth that holds the nerves – can often be exposed during restorative procedures in primary teeth, which have lesser enamel and dentin thickness, relatively larger pulp chambers and pulpal horns closer to the occlusal surface than in permanent teeth. In such cases direct pulp capping is recommended as a vital pulp therapy. However, it has generally been a treatment with limited acceptance due to lack of evidence coming from good quality studies. 

The awarded article was from a randomized clinical trial that aimed to explore the factors that affect the success of this therapy. With the findings of this study, it was possible to provide more evidence that supports the successful use of direct pulp capping in primary teeth. 

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